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A Guide to Proper Parenting

A heart-based parenting is the best kind of parenting. Keen observation is needed in good parenting so we should not be lazy in this task which is laid upon us as parents. So, if this is the case, why do parents need to use books and guides to parenting? Many parents do not trust themselves. There were no guides or books when we were raised by our parents by merely with the help of their parents, aunts, and uncles.

Although parents have sought counsel in books and guides, it is a sad reality that the children of today are not turning out as we hope they would. Parents today can be uncaring of their children or they can also be over indulgent as well giving them anything that the want. Limits are not known by their children. There is no teaching or instruction in the home where the child is taught what he or she cannot do. If you encourage your children to strive to attain their ambitions in life, you also need to teach them that there is proper behavior that they should exhibit in public that they should always observe.

If you are serious about parenting and it comes deep from the heart, then children will get what you are trying to teach them. With the proper teaching, the child’s conscience will be developed to discern between right and wrong. If parents are consistent with their parenting, then the child’s conscience will develop naturally. If you don’t get yourself involved with the lives of your children, even if you are at home, you will be sending the wrong message that you don’t care whether they are there or not. This way, children are not guided into the correct direction. The disadvantage for the parents is that they don’t set a limit for their children. Whatever they do, whether right or wrong, their conscience will not bother them in any way.

This is how you develop ruthless ambition in children. Although these children can aspire for a future goal, achieving these goals at whatever cost is not good. If a child is not taught when young, she will not know if she is already doing something wrong because she will not know that there is a proper way.

Parents need to pay attention to their children. It is important to look for help from an outside source, if you find it difficult to parent your child. You will find many organizations or companies that help with parenting. You should not be lazy in this task if you want to raise children with a conscience.

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