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What to Lookout for in a Wireless Router-The Essential Features to Look into

In case you are of the traditional opinion that a wireless router’s job is to allow you access to the internet world, fact is that you are really missing out on lots of the benefits that are to come with the use of these devices. Given is the fact that for many, the main role to be served by a wireless router is to enjoy access to the internet but for those of the need to maximize on their routers, there are a host of the other features and qualities that need to come with the best of the wireless routers that will make your experience with these devices all the more assuring and better. There are some of the routers that will present quite a heck of a time logging on to the administration panel while others come with these features so easy and clean to access. Bear in mind the fact that this is such a sensitive part of the operation of the router and messing just a bit with this may leave you without internet. We will be taking a look at some of the most common but very sensitive features that you will find in most of the best wireless routers. In as much as it is as safe playing around with these features, you however need to be advised to exercise some care anyway. In a general sense, you need to be aware that you stand the risk of rendering your router useless thus be as careful and witty anyway.

The first is the security encryption. This is by far and large the most important feature that you may want to have in the best of the wireless routers. From how it sounds, it sounds quite an obvious and simple aspect of a feature but in reality you need to bear in mind the fact that not all of the router encryptions are of the same capabilities. The wireless router security settings come basically of three kinds-WEP, WPA, and WPA-2. Looking at all these alternative security settings, WEP is the weakest with the WPA being the strongest and the WPA-2 security setting being more resourceful but seen to be slower as compared to the WPA. As such either of the two, WPA and WPA-2, will be a recommendation for use and as it has been the case, WPA-2 will be the best for a number of homes.

One other feature that you need to be on the look for as you settle for the best wireless router is that of the feature of filtering access via Media Access Control address, MAC Address. It is through this feature that will enable you limit and control access of devices to your wireless router network connection.

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